Shopfitting Point of Sale

For a shop business, Display is what matters the most. Your shop revenue totally depends on your sales, so Gill Media specializes in providing “Shop fitting point of sale” to both small and large production operating shops. Our in-house designers will have your display section build or you can yourself design the display and provide us with details & yes Gill Media will design it.


Shopfitting Point of Sale Applications

  • Retail Display Stands
  • Cosmetic Display
  • Brochure Stand
  • Slotted Display
  • Racks and Shelves


Products used in Shopfitting Point of Sale

  • Speciality Acrylic Sheets
  • High-glossy Acrylic Sheets
  • PVC Foam Sheets
  • Polycarbonate Sheets
  • Acrylic tubes
  • Slimline lightbox
  • Acrylic and Metal wall mounts
  • LED Edge-lit Panel

Gill Media believes presentation attract more customers. The right kind of display will enhance your products. Therefore, we make sure to sprinkle innovative designs. We use every possible product to define your product range. Be it a mounting range, countertop or stand-alone roof unit we customize it with every possible way to make your business distinct.