Z Channel

Z Channel

Z Channels are metal roofing applications which act as ridge caps, headwall flashing and panels. The material used can be tailored to any size, angle, and profile. The Z channel flashing metal acts as a receiver for ridge caps, headwall flashing and panels. It prevents water penetration since its installation is water directional. Z Channels are bit smaller than the width of a panel and are installed after a metal roof panel is in place

Rating Chemical Resistance
Rating Impact Resistance
Rating Weather Resistance

Generally, these items are bent to measure 10′ in length but can also be fabricated in 12′ lengths, or be pre-cut to panel size.


Z Channel Features

  • Metallic in nature.
  • UV Resistance.
  • Designed with ultra-modern technology to resist the Australian weather conditions.
  • Modification of signage according to required parameters.
  • Customize unique requirements.


Z Channel Applications

  • Accommodates rigid insulation and offers attachments to Veener or Plaster, Gypsum Wallboard for the interior of the wall.
  • Used by general contractors, roofers, and building owners.

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