Self Adhesive Hook and Loop Fastener

Self Adhesive Hook and Loop Fastener

It is high tack water-based adhesive and offers the best solution when sticking with plastic and PVC. The self adhesive fastener adheres well to Foamex and is a strong component to be used in exhibitions while the resin offers good heat resistance while it is strongly not recommended to use with Polypropylene and Polyethylene material while it can be profusely used with PVC.

Rating Chemical Resistance
Rating Impact Resistance
Rating Wear Resistance

Self Adhesive Hook and Loop Fasteners are specially designed to resist pressure sensitivity which smoothly mingles with a wide range of energy surface including Nylon, Polyester, Enamels, and WoodThey have extremely good adhesion to low surface energy substrates and offers good shear strength with environmental resistance to most of the metals and high or medium surface plastics. Superior bonding can be achieved by roughing or cleaning the smooth surface. Before using self adhesive fasteners, it is mandatory to clean and dry the surface area.  



  • Available in several color options. 
  • Designed to be specifically used as fast acting and strong adhesive. 
  • Works best in a smooth and dry surface. 
  • General purpose adhesive. 
  • Can be customized to any desired size. 
  • Convenient to use with no vestige. 
  • Eco-friendly, heat resistant and self-adhesive. 
  • Suitable for an application which requires stronger bonding. 



  • Used for multi-purpose at home, school, office, and universities. 
  • Suitable for manufacturing industry (Bag, garment, shoes). 
  • Easy to fit in a window screen. 
  • Creative projects and assignments. 

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