Magnet Strip

Magnet Strip

Magnet strip allows flexibility to put and take off signage. It can be printed directly and can be used for structural hanging or mounting device. Magnet strips are available in sheet, rolls or scored pieces. Magnetic strips are frequently used in office spaces, warehouse to hang banners, promotional displays, printed documents and posters. This flexible rubber material can be tailored into any length preventing wastage.

Rating Chemical Resistance
Rating Wear Resistance
Rating Weather Resistance

Magnet Strip Features

  • Customized into any shape or size. 
  • Can be slit, stamped, punched and laminated. 
  • Strong durable and magnetic. 
  • Available in any shape, size, and length. 
  • Good demagnetization resistance.   
  • Reasonably resistant to chemical agents. 
  • Readily available and inexpensive. 


Magnet Strip Applications

  • Outdoor Signage: Magnet Strip assists in displaying a message via vehicle graphics, window displays, and retail store offers. 
  • Labeling: Easy way to create a label to identify product, device, and location. Useful for warehouse organization, rack label, attendance board, retail directories and retail point of purchase. 
  • Message board and menu: Exchanging special menu with the use of menu boards with magnet strips. An inexpensive way to replace signs on regular basis. Usable in an art gallery, photoshop, disposable sign holders.  

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