Edge Lit LED Panel

Edge Lit LED Panel

Formed with extruded aluminum housings and end, Edge Lit LED Panel optical systems usage high PMMA lightening extraction light diffusers and guide plates. Due to the presence of nano-grade diffuser technology the panels are extremely effective and efficient in ensuring smooth lighting distribution. The LED light sources at the side of the panel transmit light which re-directs light to the viewing surface. The distance between the viewing surface and the light can be adjusted with various light uniformity and intensity. It allows precise light control, high optical efficiency, shadowless light and general light applications while the elegant sleek design makes them look appealing to any corporate house, hospitals, schools, and industries. 

Rating Impact Resistance
Rating Wear Resistance
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Edge Lit LED Panel Features

  • Visual Uniformity: LED Edge Light Panel combines with ceiling details and releases natural light.  
  • Versatile Design: LED panels are available in various colour, control options and sizes to meet required package applications. 
  • LED Efficiency: The inbuilt power drivers release glare-free illumination reducing the operating costs. 
  • Saving: It reduces quantity fixtures to maintain a certain level of control. It is easy to install and mount with no other RF interference. 


Edge Lit LED Panel Applications

  • Elegant design suitable for hotels, corporate house, MNC’s, hospitals and many more. 
  • Suitable for retail environments as lighted shelves, faux windows, stained glass, and lightbox. 
  • For an interior application, panel works as ceiling troffer and under cabinet light. 
  •  In floor lighting, signage lighting, ceiling lighting, display lighting and artwork lighting. 


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