Commercial Double-Sided Tape

Commercial Double-Sided Tape

Commercial Double-Sided Tape allows the object to quickly and easily fix on different surfaces with long lasting adhesive strength. Due to the presence of viscoelastic properties, it offers low energy substrates, excellent bond, and stress dissipation. It is highly used for bonding, laminating and fixing purpose in automotive, thread plate, emblem mounting, and in badges. These tapes are simple to use and can also be made available in die-cut shape for more precise applications.

Rating Chemical Resistance
Rating Impact Resistance
Rating Temperature Resistance
Rating Wear Resistance
Rating Weather Resistance

Commercial Double- Sided Tape Features

  • Excellent adhesion to a rough surface.
  • Sustainable to low temperature with stable performance.
  • Repulsion resistance to lift curved foams.
  • Includes linear for convenient handling.


Commercial Double- Sided Tape Applications

  • Tabbing & Splicing: For paper mills and paper corrugators double sided paper tapes are used to paramount every virtual tabbing and splicing requirement.
  • Expo events or convention: To keep substances intact and firm in their respective places double sided tapes are used in trade fairs and shows.
  • Signage & Graphic Arts: Excellent tool to stick signage and arts.
  • Sounds & Acoustic: It attaches the foam to flooring underlayment and wall panels to prevent the sound issue.
  • Vapor Barrier Seaming & House wrap: It overlaps house wrap to prevent water from migrating, and attach vapor barrier into walls to crawl space instead of using air tightening screws.

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