Acrylic Tubes

Acrylic Tubes

A common yet popular plastic material available in wide varieties and used for several applications including signage. Available in just a half weight of glass, acrylic tubes are a great replacement for glass. Acrylic tubes offer greater shatter resistance and flexibility with safety option. Inclusive of additional properties of thermal stability and natural UV resistance the tubes are durable. Due to the presence of great molding properties acrylic tubes are used in making classic and fashionable signages in private, commercial or public structures.

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Acrylic Tube Features

  • High chemical resistance. 
  • Dimensional accuracy with the best circularity. 
  • Low water absorption and good electrical resistance. 
  • Excellent UV resistance. 
  •  Rigid, hollow, lightweight & self-extinguishing. 
  • 17 X stronger and durable than any of the ordinary tubes. 
  • Clarity with a fine finish. 


Acrylic Tube Applications

  • Architectural 
  • Signage 
  • P-O-P Displays 
  • Store Fixtures 
  • Inner retail architecture 
  • Framing 
  • Illuminated Signage 
  • Accessories 

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