Acrylic Robles

Acrylic Robles

Acrylic Robles are versatile, high-tech, sophisticated plastic components with a glossy finish. It is available in diverse colors with durability. The smooth acrylic surface can be utilized by using liquid chalks to jot down contemporary options for special displays in a professional manner. Acrylic robles can be transformed to any need to virtually fit onto any space or wall offsets. It’s a stylish option for commercial premises which can be mingled with any combination of pictures, posters suiting your corporate image. 

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Acrylic Roble Features

  • High light transmittance with refractive index. 
  • Weatherability and resistance to UV rays. 
  • Good impact strength with rigidness. 
  • Low mold shrinkage and dimensional stability. 
  • Bi-axial toughness. 
  • Unaffected by an aqueous solution. 
  • Easily sawed, milled, drilled and engraved. 
  • Easily thermoformed at low temperature with solvent bonding properties. 


Acrylic Roble Applications

  • Office building signs 
  • Showroom signs 
  • Nameplates and name badges 
  • Restaurant signs 
  • Wedding Décor 
  • Brochure holder 
  • Tokens or memos 
  • Interior decors for office and art gallery’s 

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