Acrylic Hinges

Acrylic Hinges

Acrylic Hinges are strong clear optical hinge designed to glue with acrylic sheets. It creates an excellent bond when used with acrylic cement. It is a renowned plastic material available in transparent and opaque form used in several applications.

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These hinges are a perfect replacement of metallic hinges which requires an additional effort of drilling or fabrication for installation. Acrylic hinges are installed in two ways either “flat” or “wrapped”. The wrapped installation will only work on acrylic sheets comprising thickness up to ¼” inch, as the edges of the sheet must be modified to 45 degrees to put up with the hinge. While flat installation will work on acrylic sheets without any changes.


Acrylic Hinge Features

  • Flexible and shock resistance
  • Durable and self-lubricating
  • Abrasion, UV and chemical resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Good insulator


Acrylic Hinge Applications

  • Manufacturing of storage box or storage case
  • Furniture and decors
  • Signages & displays or showcases in stores and roadways
  • Security shields and decorative panels
  • Incubators
  • Appliances or equipment’s

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