Acrylic Glue

Acrylic Glue

For a perfect bonding of acrylic sheets, Gill Media offers adhesive Acrylic Glue. This glue is very much useful in joining components both permanently and temporarily. It has strong properties due to which it can be used with Polycarbonate, Styrene, PVC & Butyrate for both indoor and outdoor applications in creating a load-bearing joint. You no longer need to worry about the type of adhesive or solvent to swiftly produce a fine finished product.

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As a good structural adhesive acrylic glue are highly in demand. Acrylic glue is cost wise reasonable therefore it can be used in several projects from constructions to architectural designs. It is transparent, amber, UV light/activator-cured acrylic adhesive, good resistance to chemicals and high humidity. It also prevents unwanted movement, loosening, corrosion, and leaks while offers structural bonding solutions for materials such as ceramics, glass, plastics & sheets. It is also used for thermal expansion of parts, vehicle repair, and assembling of the material. Key markets of Acrylic glue are vehicle repair & maintenance, food& beverage, rail maintenance, power plant, medical devices and trailer manufacturer.  


Acrylic Glue Features

  •  For gap filling purpose. 
  • Virtually Colourless and bubble free. 
  • Excellent binding strength. 
  • UV Time required before further processing. 


Acrylic Glue Applications

  • Threadlocking 
  • Thread Sealing 
  • Sandwich Panel Bonding 
  • Metal-filled compounds 
  • Wearing Compounds 
  • Surface Treatment 

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