Acrylic and Metal Wall Mounts

Acrylic and Metal Wall Mounts

Acrylic and Metal Wall mounts are a stylish metal standoff which is convenient to fix postures, frames, signs, display, menu instantly in walls. The metal supports standoff projects making it grasp more attention. These contemporary mounts are easy to install while the acrylic face gets attached to it. One just needs to pull back the top acrylic sheet to slide the image or informative content on it.

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Select different pictures to showcase every day as a contemporary alternative to a framed picture. Their translucent quality refracts and reflects light to create movement and bring graphic to life. The graphics are magnified while the colors get intensified. Acrylic mounts do create a big impression on walls due to their modern, minimal and sleek – clean lines and cool fixings create a unique visual impact. These are robust and easy to clean making them suitable for bars, restaurants, fashion hub, hotels, gas station, lobbies or meeting areas. 


Acrylic & Metal Wall Mount Features

  • Front load signs for easy access. 
  • Crystal clear acrylic. 
  • Inclusive of foam tape for easy mounting. 
  • Polished & saw cut edge. 


Acrylic & Metal Wall Applications

  • Office door, halls, meeting rooms, hallway and reception area. 
  • Lobby, sitting room, dining room and study area. 
  • Libraries, hospitals, sports bar and fashion house. 

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