Aluminum Composite Sheet GILL BOND consists of a high-grade polyethylene core with 0.21mm or 0.3mm polyester coated skin. Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM) are highly used material in creating signage/display and low building cladding requirements. They are the low-density polyethylene core which is manufactured with ISO9001:2000 standards. It has a superior performance as it is rub-resistance, alkali resistance, and acid-resistance.

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The ACM sheets are lightweight, strong, UV resistant and easy to maintain & install. These sheets can be molded as per designer’s specifications with outstanding colors & glass retention features. In fact, it is dimensionally stable and is used in point of sale, petrol stations, exhibition stands and display boards.


ACM Features

  • High quality double sided aluminum sheets with a lesser density polyethylene core.
  • Good Thermal Insulation.
  • Superior Machinability eg: routing, cutting, V grooving.
  • Excellent for bending and curving.
  • Smooth flat surface with the high polyester coating.
  • Light material with weather resisting properties.


ACM Properties

  • Density relative to water (=1) – 1.29
  • Aluminum Thickness – 0.21mm
  • Continuous Service Temperature- 80°C (176°F)
  • Minimum Service Temperature- -50°C (-58°F)


ACM Applications

  • Construction of building (cladding, wall lining, suspended ceiling & partition)
  • Signage (trade stands, the point of the display)
  • Cabinets (for kitchen, hospitals, shops)
  • Manufacturing (substitution of steels)


Available Sizes & Colors

  • 2440 x 1220
  • 3050 x 1500
  • 3000 x 1220
  • 3660 x 1220
  • 4000 x 1500
  • 4000 x 2000
  • 3mm & 4mm
  • Over 16 colors in stock including brushed, metallics and mirror finish.

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