Digital Print Media


According to different techniques and market requests, GILL MEDIA DISTRIBUTORS launched three series to meet your unique demand, covering Graphic Vinyl Product series,  Knife Coated Product series, Economical Products series.

Graphic Vinyl Products: Self Adhesive Vinyl, One Way Vision, Cold Lamination    Film

Knife Coated Products: Mesh Banner, Blockout Banner, Non-Woven PE Banner, PP Woven Banners

Economical Products: Frontlit Banner, Backlit Flex, PE Backing, Kraft Backing, PP, Photo Paper, Backlit Film, Reflective Vinyl.                                

SELF ADHESIVE VINYL available in POLYMERIC and MONOMERIC in clear and white with black and grey blockout. Also available with Bubble Free,  Removeable and Permanent adhesive. Choice of PE or KRAFT liner.